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My Gift

I stayed by Tara's room for as long as I could, but I kept hearing noises downstairs. It took a good oh, like, five minutes of looking at her door, then trying to hear what was going on exactly before I finally stood up and walked downstairs. Everyone looked... sad. Or busy.

And I swore I saw Faith somewhere...

"Hey, what happened?" I asked one of the new girls all running around. She had a few weapons in her hands, which, ok kinda weird, but then she told me it was cuz there'd been a vision from Cordelia.

Yay. Another battle. When were we gonna stop having those?

I went with her and started getting a few weapons too - hey, I'd trained a little with Gunn! I was in the other battle before! - but she told me it was gonna be different. The ubervamps this time.

I think that was when I decided.

Glory had come to me - ok, not Glory, but The First pretending to be her - and told me I was still hers. Still 'The Key'. That if I jumped, my blood would... but then again, Spike had said the same thing, kinda. I'd run into him and Drusilla and... he bit me, stole my blood, said it was important.

I guess, after all this time, I'm still important.

Andrew asked me once - what does a 'key' do? I'd told him it was like being any other key - you just kinda unlock something, only with me I unlocked other places. Things opened up, and bad stuff usually came out - or at least it had that time on the tower.

Why was I getting a bad feeling that something else had opened up because of me again? Maybe it was that Summers-gut-instinct Buffy always talked about, cuz hello! So a Summers right here. I'd even cut myself that one time and...


Buffy wouldn't tell me what was going on, but from everyone getting ready and all, it was obvious. Uh, that and the new girl had already talked to me, so duh. But ubervamps? We were so gonna die this time if Cordelia's vision was right. So this time, it had to be me. It had to be.

I had a knife, and no one said anything really since, well, it was a weapon, right?

"Shallow cuts... shallow cuts... Let the blood flow..."

I opened a portal once before. But what if this time, since I was still The Key, I could do what I wanted with it? Make it so stuff went into the portal, not out of it?

"Buffy, you have to let me go. Blood starts it, and until the blood stops flowing, it'll never stop."

I placed the knife against my skin and started slowly, like I had back when I'd asked Buffy if I was real. Wincing at the pain, I kept going, watching a little as green filled everything around us...

"It has to have the blood."

I cried, wishing Tara was here, wishing Buffy had a better plan, wishing, wishing, wishing... it hurt so bad, why did I think it would be ok? I saw Buffy running to me and I coughed up more blood, but it had started and it was too late. I tried to kinda smile at her as I whispered, "The hardest thing in this world... is to live in it."

They wouldn't take me. I took me. And maybe I'd helped everyone too...

I never knew, though, since Buffy's face was the last thing I ever saw, surrounded by green light...
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Evil's Next Move

Chess. As cliché as it might sound, the game of chess truly is the most challenging, mentally stimulating pastime that the humans ever invented. Naturally, The Master was skeptical about the board and pieces at first, preferring to face his opponents on fields of battle both small and large, rather than sitting across each other over a chessboard, thinking at each other. As he studied the game, though, his opinion began to change. It moved from disdain for a battle that didn't involved bashing one's adversary as hard and as often as possible, to a grudging respect for the tactical minds that played it.

The Master watched as an Indian board game began to gain and notice, and as it slowly drifted its way across the Asian continent to China, where it began to take root and start to change into a form more familiar to the modern observer. The squares took on color, the names of the pieces changed, and the rules were codified. He himself began playing it, studying it. He discovered the pleasure of out-thinking an opponent, of using misdirection and cunning and learned of the great advantages of preparing for war during times of peace.

From then on, The Master's plans became intricate and terrible in their brilliance, and dozens, if not hundreds, of times, their effectiveness was demonstrated in the blood of scores of innocents. He had reveled in his dark genius, and somewhere-- or nowhere-- The First Evil watched and was proud.

Sacrificing the PawnsCollapse )

"Destroy them," The Master ordered simply, then stood aside to watch.

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Continued from HERE

Slippin' my hand outta her hair, I let it slide down and wrap tightly around her throat. I licked my lips, wishin' I could just snap her pretty little neck. But I couldn't.

No, somebody changed the game up on me. Made all these fuckin' ghosts haunt me and fuck with me. Bitchin' and whinin' about what I did to them. Hello? Evil here. Unless somebody forgot that little fact.

Blondie here knew Buffy and she was gonna be my ticket into that Hotel. Figured if I had her, then nobody would try and stake my ass.

I leaned my face close to hers, whisperin' by her ear.

"Sorry 'bout this baby, but you got somethin' I need and as long as I got you they can't do shit to me. So, just play it cool and nobody gets hurt. Got it?"

She nodded.

"Good girl. Now let's fuckin' get outta here before the sun comes up. If that happens, I got big problems."

Funny how those voices shut up when I'm hell bent on gettin' to the hotel. I got a feelin' they ain't gone for long though. So, I gotta move quick. Not just because of the sun, but if they ain't fuckin' with me then I ain't seemin' like I've totally lost my mind.

I moved through the streets, headin' towards what I hoped was answers. Wes and his fuckin' book smarts better fuckin' know what the fuck is goin' on here. Red, Giles, Fred. Somebody had to know.


No, that can't be it. Can it? Red's big with the mojo, maybe she did somethin' to me.

If that's what it is, somebody's gonna fuckin' pay.

I kept draggin' Blondie with me as I got closer. My eyes caught sight of that dumpster. The one I'd thrown that fuckin' geek in.

Thanks for giving me such a hero's ending Faith. You could've at least made it something cool. Like when Luke fought Vader and ....

I shook the voice outta my head.

"Not now kid. I got a mission here." I whispered to myself, steppin' into the garden area of the hotel.

"Showtime Blondie. Here's where we get the answer to the million dollar question."

Shovin' the doors open, I threw Blondie in, watchin' her tumble down the few stairs that led down to the lobby before I stepped inside.

"Guess who's comin' to dinner?" I swaggered in, standin' in the center of the lobby lookin' around. "I'm fuckin' starvin' too." I nodded. "So, who's on the menu?"

I smirked, closin' my eyes for a sec as I heard the whispers start again.

"Buffy..." I called out all sing song-y, startin' to feel 'em crawlin' inside my brain. "Come out, come out wherever you are."

Nobody's gonna save you Faith. Just like nobody saved us.

"B!" I screamed out, more desperate this time as my hands grasped the sides of my head. "Fuckin' help me!"

((Open to Buffy, Willow, Wesley and anyone else in the lobby))
angel lilah

Alone again....naturally....

"I don't fuckin' remember invitin' any of you assholes to this little party. So, whatever. I'm outta here. You wanna have your big happy family, fine. I got better things to do."

I arched a shapely eyebrow as Faith made her dramatic exit. Not exactly oozing with finesse, especially with that knee to Spike's nether regions. I didn't exactly appreciate the shove to the wall either, but Faith was a loose cannon that you didn't want to openly provoke, unless you had an ace in the hole. Which I didn't yet, but I was working on it.

Spike response was predictable and soon it was just me and the big guy left. I turned to him and smirked.

"Well. So much for the big update on what Spike unleashed. Oh well, I'm sure I can find out the details some other way. At least one of us still has connections at our disposal. So are you still subject to that truth spell? Or did you manage to spill your deepest darkest secrets to someone before we had our nice little get together?"

I wasn't sure how we should be acting together, after all the last time we'd been alone, we'd been making out, trying to fool the First that our hormones were getting the better of us. Then again, Faith's intervention had supposedly put the kibosh on that, so I guess we didn't have to maintain that charade.

I couldn't resist coming a little closer though, and playing it up. Just to see how Angelus reacted.

"So now that Faith the Wonder Vamp is out of the way, I presume you have plans...hopefully you are going to tell me what those are..." I let my hand snake up and start to caress the exposed part of his neck, right where his shirt was unbuttoned.

{Any news on how to keep the First off of our backs, or have you been wasting all day on trying to keep Faith on hers?}

[open to Angelus]
pretty! [lollobrigida]

(no subject)

I've never been alone in a room with a dead person for this long. It's a little scary because all I keep thinking about is how we were just talking a little while ago. She was okay one minute and dead the next. I wish I could have helped her. I can admit to being a little selfish; Andi was the only person here besides Lorne who I liked talking to. I thought she was sweet, and funny; she was so set on finishing her room. It would have been fixed up whether I agreed to help her or not. I made things go faster, but really it was all her. I guess that's one of the only memories that I'm going to have of Andi. A silly girl who was determined to finish the things she started. Only, she didn't. She wanted to go somewhere and do something, but she couldn't. Something just...stopped her.

I shouldn't be the person to sit in here with her, but I wasn't going to leave her alone. Sure as hell wasn't going to let Lisette stay with Andi either. I want to ask someone if there's any family members who we should be calling. There has to be someone out there who is going to miss her. I mean, I know I will. I think Kate will too. There are probably a few other people around here who truly liked her, but does this count? Are we supposed to be one big happy family or something?

I haven't seen anyone happy since I moved in here.

Walking over to the bed again, I sat on the floor beside the edge and faced the doorway. Every time I looked at her, I let my mind trick itself into believing she was sleeping. It only lasted for a second or two, but I didn't want to keep seeing her like that and think anything but the truth. Andi is dead; illogical hope is worthless in this situation. I'm afraid to think of the bad things. I realized a few minutes ago that she isn't warm anymore, and I hated myself for it. I don't want to be like the rest of them, they think of her as the body of a slayer. Andi's still a person to me. But I don't want to think of her as Sleeping Beauty either. I tried to wake her up, I failed. Then I screamed at someone else for trying to do what I did in a different way.

I volunteered to stay with her. Kate was supposed to make tea. We have to figure out what to do with Andi now. Whether there's someone to call, or some preference she could have had about how all of this is handled...there are only a few things left for the two of us to do for her, I want to make sure that we do them well. Protect her from the people who she didn't like, and make sure the ones that she did know what happened. Then, I guess it's supposed to be done. That'll be it.

What happens after that? Am I supposed to go back to everything like it's all life as usual? It's not. Everyone here talks about death like they can get past it so easily, I know I can't do the same.

Who says this is the easy part?Collapse )
left the girl [desdemona_x]

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I knew I shouldn't have stayed for that meeting. Kennedy and Gunn knew about my vision. I guess I'm just so helpful with my not knowing what I'm talking about that they needed the seer to tell them about what's going to happen. I didn't make anything better by being there. Buffy knew more about the vampires in my vision than I did, her part of the team knows what they're up against.

My friends don't know what to expect, they're about to battle with ancient vampires they've never seen before. No matter what Buffy tells them to help prepare, half of us are going to be clueless when the weapons are out and the barrier is down.

According to Buffy, we're doing the best we can. Accusing Connor of being 'lost' and asking me what I've done is her best now? No. I hate walking away from the group feeling like I've lost something. I thought Wesley and I were making progress. When I told him that I understand why he made the choices he did about Connor, it meant something to me. I felt a weight being lifted; one I didn't even know was there until it was gone.

I felt better. It didn't last. Never does. For the short time when I felt like things were right with us, I was proud of us for doing what we could to protect our family. Now I think the word family is something we're always going to struggle with. Things are different. I accept that as much as I'm ever going to. What I don't accept, and what hurts so much about the way that Wesley does his job, is the way he talks about Connor.

Connor is gone, for now. Not lost. Not on vacation--although I wish he was. He's dealing with what he is in his own way. I was wrong to think that I could be everything he needs to get through this, but I wasn't wrong about him. He's good. Like his father. If the only good thing he inherited from Angel is his sense of right and wrong, it more than makes up for the brooding.

Something has to change around here, I don't care how much Buffy whines about doing the best she can. Andi and Anya are dead, Connor left the hotel, some other kid is missing. We're not good enough anymore.

That's why I'm doing this. This thing where I make peace with the worst roommate I've ever had. It was a long time ago. I can be civil to Gwen if I want to.

I'm working on the 'want to' part right now.

With a sigh, I made my way down the hall and stopped at Gwen's door. After taking a minute to prepare myself for ElectroTramp, I knocked.

[[Open to Gwen]]
DAstyle - dark_wesley

Doin' My Part

"Gunn, gather the weapons, make sure we have what we might need to face Turok-Han."

And just like that, I was part of the team again. No questions asked, every part havin' its place and its job to do, just like we needed to be if we were gonna make it through this next big fight. The bad guys we were about to face sounded like some real bad mofo's, but after having had my ass handed to me by the likes of the Beast, I figured there wasn't an opponent who could gimme a worse whuppin' than that.

Here's hopin', right?

Well, if I was gonna do inventory on the party favors, then the place to start was definitely the training room. Clickin' on the lights, I walked across the floor, wishin' for a second that me and Fred didn't always end up on opposite ends of the 'get ready for the fight' preparations. But I knew that she had lots more to contribute to things by rockin' the research books, and that I'd be a total loss at it.

I swung open the first weapons cabinet and started countin'. There were five, six, seven swords in there, most of 'em with broad blades and two-hand hilts-- a little heavy, but more likely to cut cleaner and easier through a tough neck. I spotted three fight-ready axes-- my own personal chop machine was sittin' in my room... two crossbows-- not sure how much good those were gonna do, considerin' the description we'd gotten... and a few blunt weapons that were off the list.

Pickin' up one of the swords, I checked the edge. Hmmm. Needed some sharpenin', so the rest probably did, too. Didn't know how many stones we had lyin' around, so maybe the next time somebody made a supply run--

I stopped the thought. Wasn't nobody makin' a supply run anytime soon. They didn't mention it at the meeting, but it was a safe bet Wes'd be lockin' the place down until the fight went down. I really needed to find Fred just as soon as I was done with this.

As I put the sword away, I heard the door behind me open. Lookin' over my shoulder, I saw Kennedy walkin' in. Wasn't sure what she was after in an empty trainin' room, but I wasn't so dumb as to not have heard a little of the hotel gossip about what she was goin' through right now. Maybe she was just tryin' to find a quiet place.

"Yo," I said, headin' to another cabinet.

((Open to Kennedy))
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I've been searching, wandering, thinking, lost and looking all my life...

I laid under the swings for at least an hour. Numb. I tried to count the stars, or figure out their patterns, put the constellations together they were meant to be. But everything looked upside down to me. Not to mention... dead.

Because as I was laying there, I suddenly remembered something I had heard or read, or something. About stars. How some of the stars we see in the sky right now died years ago, they're dead, it's just takes so long for their light to reach us, it takes just as long for it to stop reaching us. So in the however many lightyears it takes for their light to reach us, they could have died, and not even be there anymore.

It struck me. Hard. Not being able to know which where the stars, and which were just the ghosts of stars.

Maybe one day we'd look up, and the sky would be completely black, because everything we're looking at right now is dead, all the stars are already dead, and then just one day the lightyears would finally run out, and we'd realize it.

And if the sun is just a big star, and not a planet, then maybe it's dead too, it's just giving off thousand's of years old light and heat off, and one day, we'll wake up, and it will be dead. Then the moon would be dead by the principle of cause and effect.

We could wake up one morning to a dead sky. Just like dead mothers, dead sisters, and dead girls named Andi who were too young to die. We were all too young to die. Wasn't it the sky's turn?

Sighing, I reached up and grabbed the seat of the swing, setting it in motion yet again and watching it go back and forth, right over my face, concentrating on it, rather than the shadows that the possibly-dead moon cast.

Suddenly, some girl came screaming, like the time my neighbors cat had rabies and bit an Avon saleslady. I think it could be chalked up something like "banshee". I sat up immediately, then scrambled to my feet, looking around for anyone else in case this got... insane.

Banshee-girl saw me, and came flying toward me, one head grabbing for me, the other gripping a bleeding wound in her neck. She gripped my shoulder, and shook me, bleeding and screaming something about "vampires", and a dead boyfriend, or something.

I knew it.


Pulling myself from her grip, and sort of twisting out of her grasp, I assured her I'd go "check it out". I would see if her boyfriend was really dead, and I would find help. Oh, and right after that, I'll have a kryptonite martini downtown at the Supheroes bar after relaying my tale of fearlessness. God. And I thought the people back at the hotel were freaks.

Nonetheless, I walked toward the dark little alley space she'd came bat out of Hell style from, and began walking, slowly, down it. I tried a few doors, trying to get to a phone so I could call the nearest hospital to come pick up my damsel who was beyond in distress, but everything was all locked up for the night. Fabulous.

It wasn't too long after that, I stumbled over the boyfriend's body. I tripped, my hands reaching out to break my fall as they hit the pavement, embedding gravel and other street rocks in my palms as I lay strewn across his limp body, his head contorted in an impossible way.

He was dead. We could be sure about that. And I was getting the Hell out of here. Just as soon as I got off of the corpse. Which I did immediately.

Running down the alley, turning and pulling on doorknobs and banging on doors, and windows, and kicking at walls as everything was locked, and the street was still just as empty. I needed to call the cops. I needed help. There was a bleeding girl in the park, a dead guy just a few buildings back, and I was a split hair from ending up in the psych. ward along with the damsel who was raving about vampires.

Finally! A dark, creepy, abandoned building with an opening that says, 'Walk right in and die tonight, Izzie!' I looked up at the possibly-dead sky, and rolled my eyes at it, but headed in the door, slowly, cautiously.

"Hello?" I called. 'Mr. Psychopath? Anyone? Buehler?'

I walked further in.

"If anyone's here, there's a dead guy out there, and um, a hurt girl in the park." I called. "She's bleeding," I added. "So if I could just use your pho-" I stopped, squinting in the bare light this place afforded, at something, no, someone in the corner.

Carefully walking toward them, thinking they may be another victim, I tilted my head as I got close, but not too close.

"Are- Are you alright?" I asked, noticing it was a girl, as I studied her dark hair, her pale skin. "You don't seem to be moving..." I noted. "And, and I looked at your chest, not that I was checking you out or anything, but- but it's not rising, or falling. Which means you're not breathing. And, um, I already did CPR tonight, okay, I broke some poor, like, sixteen year old girl's ribs, and the sound was sickening, and you're all... doll-like." I said, cursing God for the third dead body of the night, and the fifth one of my life.

"I don't want to break you..." I whispered.

I looked up at the ceiling.

The sky was already dead in here.

((Open to Faith))
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sad - wiccabuffy

Looking for a friend

I watched the whole thing and felt like I was bothering them.

Carly had been so mean, and Isabella -- well, I didn't know her, but at least she'd tried to help. Safi... I was sorta scared to talk to. It seemed like anyone I talked to ended up dead or hating me, and I didn't want either to happen with her. She was, like, the only good thing right now.

I couldn't even go talk to Lorne since Carly was all better friends with him than me. So I had to watch Kate move Andi's body and... and then I didn't wanna watch anymore. I guess there was gonna be a little something for her, but it sorta made me mad at the same time.

No one had bothered to bury anyone else like that.

Marissa? Ema Kate? All the girls who'd died in that first bad battle? Everyone who'd died in Sunnydale? Where was all the nice sayings over their graves? Actually... did they even have graves for some of them? I wasn't sure anymore.

And no one could tell me it was because Andi was a Slayer. Lizzie was a Slayer, too, and she and her brother had gotten squat when they'd been murdered - yeah, ok, murdered, whereas Andi just decided to go poof and fall to the ground, giving up.

Fine, so maybe I was pissed and hurt at everyone, but I'm 16! And no one is telling me anything anymore or talking to me anymore. People I love are dying, and this place Buffy moved us to doesn't feel so safe anymore.

When did it feel safe?

I wiped at my tears and took my pink jacket off that Andi had given to me, throwing it in a trash can. I needed someone to talk to. Someone who could tell me things would be ok, that I was freaking out for nothing. But everyone - well, ok, all the "adults" - were all running around.

Guess it had been just another meeting that us Potentials weren't invited to. Maybe we should all go and play in the sandbox together or something.

I kicked off my green flip-flops and took the last of my bubble-gum I had with me and threw them away too. Safi'd probably be upset I did that but... well, it was probably better I didn't talk to her anymore. She might be the new Slayer, and then she'd die just like my last two friends.

Maybe Connor was her Champion the way Shang-Da had been Lizzie's... Andi never had one. Maybe that was why she'd given up and just died on us all.

UGH. I had to stop thinking! I had to find someone, like, totally sane around here. So I walked, barefoot, over to where I saw a certain somebody raiding the fridge. I tried to smile, but it didn't work... then again, maybe she could cheer me up.

"Hey Harmony. Is the blood still fresh?"

((Open to Harmony))
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xaverie_croesus - glare

Bitches all 'round me - yeah, I'm talkin' 'bout Angelus too!

Right now, this was gettin' dull.

'Course, me bein' me, I could've stayed here forever just pokin' my finger at Angelus' forehead or somesuch, but that was when Faith decided she had t'go and fuckin' knee me in the balls. Bitch. Good thing I'd already shagged Dru else I'd be more pissed-off than I was at the moment, what with Angelus goadin' me and Miss L decidin' that I needed t'have a nickname that reminded everyone of the soddin' Energizer Bunny.

Well, right, that could've been just me thinkin' that, but still...

Gave 'em all the two-finger salute - yelled over my shoulder at Angelus, "Mincer!" - and stormed on outta there, tryin' t'figure out my next move. I'd done what the voice in my head had said t'do, me and Dru had celebrated and all, so now what?

Well, besides me walkin' like I'd just had somethin' unpleasant shoved up between my legs - which, when you thought 'bout it, I had.

Stumblin' into the room I shared with my girl, I fell onto the bed, wonderin' if she could use her powers again, but this time on Angelus. Then, I remembered she'd get all whipped 'bout her Daddy and such and figured it might not be such a good idea.


Drapin' an arm over my eyes, I sighed. See, I wasn't the planner here! I wasn't a soddin' leader! I didn't think things up, I just... had fun. Me and my girl. Nothin' wrong with that, after all.

Let Angelus try t'shag that bird when we didn't even know where her twat had been at. Or, hell, even Miss L for that matter. I wasn't 'bout t'be goin' on tellin' 'em both secrets I wasn't even sure I was supposed t'be keepin' or not.

The Hellmouth opened. I told 'em all enough.

"Bitch kneed me, Dru," I sniffed, needin' a little comfort from her and hopin' that she was in the mood for it. 'Course knowin' the pair of us?

Our happiness wouldn't last long. Never did.
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