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Apocalypse Nowish

A BtVS/Angel Role-Play

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Apocalypse Nowish is now closed.


The plan to save Angel has failed, and Angelus roams the world again, aided by an unseen benefactor and eternal midnight. Now, Angel Investigations must fight both Angelus and the upcoming Apocalypse. Little do they know that it is tied into the same happenings in Sunnydale...

Buffy's latest fight with the ubervamps has left her home so shattered, even Xander can't repair it. With an apocalypse in Sunnydale and one in L.A., the two groups decide it's best to join forces -- to stop the coming darkness and to save themselves...

As for The First, it plans to win by claiming or killing the Champions, one by one...

This RPG takes place mid-season 7 of Buffy and mid-season 4 of Angel. The Scoobies are living in the Hyperion with Angel Investigations to fight Angelus, the Apocalypse, and to stay safe.

NOTE : This is a closed community. At the moment, we're not accepting anymore applications for characters, so please do not attempt to join unless you have spoken with the mods first. It is currently by invite only.

You may contact the moderators at: apocalypse_nowish@dreadmachine.com

Some quick rules:

  • You can't play a character who's dead (no Doyle, sorry!) The only time this "changes" is when The First might take the form of a dead character, or if you're playing "Dead Lilah". Or if you can come up with a way to bring that character back - then email the mods with your "pitch".
  • For the purposes of our RPG, Connor & Cordelia never slept together, and Cordelia is not pregnant. The characters don't know where the evil is coming from, but it's not in Cordy's belly.
  • Please play the characters as they are written canon. That means, as much as we like Willow & Oz as a couple, Willow is gay. If you can't play the character that way, don't apply for it. (Don’t get us wrong though – ships that are not canon are fine – as long as you remain true to the character).
  • You must post at least once a week if you are not involved in direct play with other characters; twice a week if you are in direct play. Of course, play as much as you want! You'll be given a reminder from one of the mods after the first time this rule is broken. If, after the reminder, you still do not post - you will be replaced. (Of course, if personal issues occur, please inform the mods in the OOC area - oocnow_ish. We won't take your character away then!)
  • You must have a LJ name for the character you wish to play -- it does not have to be exclusively for this RP, however.
  • We’re no longer limiting the maximum number of RPGs you can be involved in, as long as you post regularly. (Especially if you’re involved in a storyline at the moment).
  • Major game/story ideas must be discussed with the mods - this includes making substantial changes physically or mentally to a character, killing a character, etc. Basically, anything that affects the game and story must be discussed and approved. Any major game/story idea that involves another character should be talked over with the person playing that character as well.
  • Comments count as posts - repeat, comments do count as posts as long as they are not one sentence long.
  • The game is rated R - if you feel the need to do anything past Joss-style violence or R-rated swear words, please take it to AIM or email.
  • Have fun!


    Buffy Summers - wiccabuffy *Slayer
    Xander Harris - xander_lavelle *Part Hyena/Demon
    Dawn Summers - whendawncomes *Human - Maybe?

    Angel Investigations

    Wesley Wyndam-Pryce - dark_wesley *Watcher
    Charles Gunn - morethanmuscle *Human

    The "Others"

    Angelus - undead_handsome *Vampire
    Spike - big_pile_o_dust *Vampire
    Lilah Morgan - da_lilah *Dead – sort of
    Faith - fivebyfiverogue *Vampire
    Kate Lockley - _truth_seeker *Human
    Anne Steele - canibeanne *Human
    Gwen Raiden - electragirl *Human/Power of electricity

    Potential Slayers/Original Characters

    Kennedy - chosenpotential *Slayer
    Lisette Anderson - gypsy_lisette *Potential
    Shang-Da - shang_da *Werewolf

    Any questions can be directed to the mods - dark_wesley and wiccabuffy.

    Updates on characters, plot, etc. can be found here at Weekly Updates. Just a quick way for everyone to get caught up on the game.

    Stake your Claim! Go to nowish_claims and claim anything from your favorite 'ship, a character, a thread, an object...anything! Membership is open to everyone, not just Nowish players.

    Want more info? Go to the Official Apocalypse Nowish Website.

    Layout inspired by aucune_gloire